Green Elf

No Sector Is As Strong As Confidence.

It provides service to its customers with its 8-Language Expert and Experienced Firm.

Green Elf Properties was founded in 2012 by Elif Orji. In Turkey, it provides consultancy to its domestic and foreign customers on the sale of projects and products in the real estate and investment market to individual and institutional investors and funds. The basis of Green Elf Properties’s strong predictions, which accelerates processes positively due to its dominance in the working dynamics and cultures of both local and international markets, stems from its corporate experience and its close acquaintance with investors. As a result of its customer-oriented and productivity-centered management approach, it serves its customers through collaborations with reputable companies around the world.

We provide consultancy to you in order to enable our customers to make a successful investment in Turkey. Our customers need to analyze the developing and changing world order correctly. With its wide portfolio and network, Green Elf Properties allows you to achieve your goals in a short time by putting your success in investment on the right foundations. Thanks to these collaborations, it has been serving in Turkey for many years with its strong business network and experience. Green Elf Properties determines a successful marketing strategy when its clients purchase real estate. Green Elf Properties has been providing consultancy for 10 years with its professional experience in every step.

We are working to make you happy.